New single by Lecia Louise, which aims to rock! The inside on the recording process.

I have produced a variety of recordings of this song with different players and producers, but this is by far my favourite, which aims to rock and capture the live vibe of my new, 5 piece band!

Last year before I set off on a 3 months tour in Europe we squeezed in a day of recording to record ‘Mastermind’. I particularly wanted to capture this song live after our band had been playing a bunch of shows together.

The intro builds up with my guitar riff using the dynamic range of the wah wah pedal to create suspense, which is then interrupted with a bang when the whole band kicks in. This is followed by 4 minutes of face melting energy, until the very end.

Combining strong guitar riffs with Ami Carney’s ‘don’t mess with me’ style of drumming, this makes a great foundation glued together with Craig Kickbush’s solid bass playing, for the melodic and rhythmic vocal lines to lay over the top. These vocal melodies are interweaved by Andonia Hepi’s waling ‘Great gig in the sky’ reminiscing vocal moments and sprinkled with Jame’s Mcintyre’s guitar effects, melodies and rock/funkiness to finish the track off.  I love it!

Previously I recorded a version of ‘Mastermind’ with Beachy Wild for my EP, ‘Per Te’. The pro tools session with Beachy was lost in the Brisbane floods a few years ago and all we had left for release was an MP3 of the mix we had done at the time, which was also recorded with a different band. The version you hear on the ‘Per Te’ EP is a mastered MP3. Can you tell? (Get the EP here:

Back when I was in university studying the bachelor of popular music, before meeting Beachy Wild, I recorded a version of this song with Michael Simms. Back then it was called ‘Us the Other’, but in time I thought the title, ‘Mastermind’ sounded catchier and was easier to remember. You can hear the demo of ‘Us the other’ here:


Michael was into programming then so he programmed all of the drums on the computer. I cannot remember if he or I played the bass on the song, but I played all the guitars and sang. I would call this version a demo. It was a helpful stepping stone but it was not release quality. I have since performed this song live many times and developed the vocals while the band has added their talents to the song performance.

I really enjoy playing ‘Mastermind’ live. It is the song I can most ‘rock out to’. I hope you enjoy this recording and make sure you download it for free here by leaving your email on the right side of the page. Send your friends to this blog post too, so they can get the free download.

Band members on ‘Mastermind’ as the following:

Lead vocals/guitar: Lecia Louise

Drums: Ami Carney

Bass: Craig Kickbush

Backing vocals/tambourine: Andonia Hepi

Second guitar: James Mcintyre


Take care and thanks for your ongoing support.  Xoxox

Lecia Louise


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