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1. Introduction
2. Heaven or Hell
3. Exordia
4. Let It Go
5. Quitting’s A Breeze
6. Mastermind
7. In Memory (Bonus Track)

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After many months of touring Lecia gathered her new band at Serotonin Studios in order to record live and capture the musical energy which excited crowds in Australia and Europe. She left for another long tour immediately after the recording. This way the post-production of the album had to wait for her return. And now the long awaited new release is ready for its listeners.

“I’ve been lucky that I found musicians who understand and feel what I want to do with my music. We worked on new songs and rethought some old ones and played them live at many shows. We had such fun on stage and loved to rock out to the audiences, so it was vital we captured this raw, rock, energy on disk, so it’s fun to listen to.” – Lecia Louise

One of the slower, sentimental tracks from the CD, ‘Quitting’s a Breeze’ will have a film clip released leading up to the CD launches. The film clip was produced in Berlin by Christian Naydenov in during Lecia’s tour of Germany.

‘Live at Serotonin Studios’ was recorded on the Gold Coast with Guy Cooper (Serotonin Productions.) Cooper mixed the first single from the CD, ‘Mastermind’, which was released in 2017. The rest of the tracks were mixed and mastered by ABC’s Hamish Robertson. This album is a new milestone for Lecia’s music evolution. It reaches to her rock roots from ‘Heaven and Hell’ CD and brings them to a new level of mastery and drama. This raw grit rock with soaring solos is the Lecia signature sound.

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