My Everything

My Everything is a summery song written about a loved one who is untouchable due to distance. I began writing this song after arriving back in Australia from a lengthy tour through Europe. It was a Spring day in Australia as I penned the lyrics and I could hear the birds chirping happily outside the window, while I felt such sadness and loss due to being separated from a loved one. So many have had to endure the same suffering during the pandemic, and still do. This is, however, a love song and aims to bring smiles and joy.

I originally wrote the music on my hollow body electric guitar while jamming along with myself at one of my gigs on the Gold Coast. Being a fan of John Mayer, it did have a bit of a Mayer flavour to it, but once it was brought into the studio in Nashville last year, Michael Flanders and 8Ball Aitken both suggested I play it on ukulele. It fit really well and I liked the bouncy summery vibe it took in direction. Flanders quickly whipped up a drum loop as a guide, but I ended up keeping it in the song.


The rhythm tracks were recorded in Nashville in 2019 and then I brought the recording session back to Australia so I could do some tracking at home and with friends. I experimented recording various guitar tracks, some using real amps and some using amp simulators in the computer. It took me a little while to get the guitar parts right, but after back and forthing production ideas with Flanders, the song finally settled into a comfortable and balanced place. We tracked the final guitar solo at Jason Millhouse’s studio in Brisbane, Recordworks, when Flanders was in town. Jason also mixed the track.

On one of my east coast tours earlier this year, I met a producer/musician who liked to collect old recording gear and instruments. Stu kindly lent me his cabin style studio just outside of Uki, NSW, which involved me practising on the wurlitzer until I was ready to track the part for this song. Stu is such a talented and interesting music creator, who is very dedicated to his art and we had fun jamming and making music for hours in between recording and eating good food.

Brisbane musician, Craig Kickbush tracked some organ and extra keyboard licks on the song. I enjoyed tracking the lead vocals with another talented friend, Ashley Lewis while my Uncle Pete played the role of microphone stand. I recorded all of the vocal harmonies, re tracked the ukulele and recorded most of the guitar parts in my bedroom/studio just south of Brisbane Australia.

The film clip was really fun to make with Nigel Jones because we did not have a time restriction.  We shot it over 4 various days in Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast and Mount Tamborine, QLD.  We filmed during the QLD summer, which was so hot. One of the days while we filmed at Noosa Headlands, there was a blazing fire in the distance, which you can vaguely see in some of the beach shots.

I hope you enjoy the film clip and the song. Please share it if you like it, and leave a comment, as this is how independent musicians get their music out there. Make sure you are on my mailing list for future releases, specials and free stuff. You can do this on the column to the right on this page.

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