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1. Beautiful You
2. Harmonize
3. Get Better
4. Hoops
5. Nothing’s Impossible
6. The Simple Life

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These two extremely talented musicians and songwriters, Lecia Louise and Lani Motiekaitis, performed together from time to time for years. Finally in 2014 they officially formed a dynamic live duo and set out on a large tour of Australia which was documented in a feature length film “Lani and Lecia. Beautiful You Live” (also available). This album was reordered at Love Street Studios for that tour and now it is rereleased as a digital download for the first time!

“Beautiful You” carries Lani’s unique energy and Lecia’s superb musicianship filtered though the ladies’ delightful compositions, the bright Queensland sunshine, the warmth of Australian ocean and the excitement and anticipation of going on the road.

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