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1. These Walls
2. Get Better
3. Little Girl
4. Hoops
5. This Moment
6. Honiara
7. Mistaking
8. Red Ribbon
9. Admirable Woman
10. Dear Dad
11. Hey Now
12. Sorry
13. The Simple Life

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Unlike your usual singer songwriter, Lecia Louise demands attention with her soaring, bluesin’ rockin’ guitar riffs and licks. A guitar virtuoso and diverse songwriter, Lecia effortlessly moves through the styles of rock, pop, groove and blues. From a lyric driven tune to a rockin’ song to mosh, move and groove, Lecia has been ‘wowing’ audiences while touring around the world.

This guitar driven album is predominantly pop/rock which at times, touches on folk. It is a dynamic album containing melodic songs that groove and songs that rock. Lecia is a guitarist who enjoys playing and writing many styles.

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