Get a Digital Copy of Lani and Lecia’s Feature Length Film BEAUTIFUL YOU LIVE, For Just $29.95.

Treat yourself to a delightful experience of seeing these two extraordinary performers live on tour.

Track List
1. Nothing’s Impossible
2. Dream
3. Sweet Lebelle
4. Admirable Woman
5. Hoops
6. Get Better
7. These Walls
8. Makes You Feel
9. Beautiful You
10. Hoops (Mitchell Creek)
11. Harmonize
12. Beautiful You (Mitchell Creek)
13. The Simple Life
14. Sunset Red
15. The World Can Wait (Doggy Song)
16. Individual (Medley)

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Filmed during Lani and Lecia’s tour of Queensland in 2014 in multiple locations, it showcases seven different performances and presents the range and scope of this dynamic duo of performers each one of whom is a formidable and accomplished artist in her own right.

“To see the combination of Lani’s unique energy and Lecia’s superb musicianship filtered though the ladies’ delightful compositions performed live is a special treat.”

Come on the road with Lani and Lecia and let them bring positive energy and joy into your heart. From forest performances in the Gold Coast hinterland to the deck of a quaint Queenslander in Brisbane, they traverse the state through pubs, clubs and radio stations to finally close their ‘Beautiful You’ tour at the Mitchell Creek Rock’n’Blues festival. Shredding guitar solos, beatboxing, mouth trumpeting, foot stomping, live looping, beautiful harmonies and much much more!

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