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A few years back I released the song called “Individual” as a single, which was re-released and placed at #1 in the JJJ unearthed charts for three weeks in 2015. As part of that release I made a film clip. It was one of my first budgeted film clips. I was recommended to work with Dan MacArthur via a producer I worked with. Dan has worked with Powderfinger, The Waifs, John Butler Trio, and The Whitlams, and he is also a movie director. So basically I came to him and said: “Here is the song. Do you have any ideas?” He listened and said: “How about we do different looks, different outfits to show different sides of your personality, being that it’s “Individual”. Just have fun with it.” We got a white room and shot everything in three or four hours. It was quite a busy day. I spent a bit of time leading up to it, finding, borrowing outfits, trying them on. I don’t always put so much effort into how I look, but I did more for that clip. I put a lot of trust into him as the producer, when it came to the film day. He said: “try this, try that”. I did. For example, crawling on the ground… Looking at it now, I probably wouldn’t expose so much cleavage but at the time it was something different, something new and it was fun. It’s always been a question of what sort of image to present. Some people find it’s quite a sexy image. Sometimes I’m happy about it sometimes I’m also a little bit regretful that it might be too much. However when I look at Lady Gaga’s clips and many other pop stars clips, it’s not nearly as bad as those so I think it’s just inside the ‘ok’ mark. Someone brought their massive cat, which was very kind of them, ‘cause they had only 20 mins free. I had my mini Marshal stack, which we played around with. That guitar was given to me from a fan. It doesn’t play so well but it looks really cool. So here is the clip. I hope you enjoy it.

“Individual” was written while being a passenger in my Mum’s car in grade 12, heading to Grafton NSW for a week of guitar workshops with the amazing guitarist Michael Fix. It was the first time I started writing a song without an instrument in my hands. I love the confident freedom that came out of this song and for this reason I love playing it live.

Recently I did a tour with a great friend of mine and a fantastic performer Lani Motiekaitis. We made a duo called ‘Lani and Lecia’, made a record and went on tour, meeting new friends, musician and playing music to new people. Our friends from MusicLive4U made a full-length film about it. They put together this medley of three different performances of “Individual” from The Loft, Peregian Originals and The Mitchell Creek Festival. I think they tell all about the fun which “Individual” is about.

The Loft.

There were just the two of us, so we had to make as much impact and noise as possible, which we enjoyed doing, and myself particularly because I play guitar, sing and play percussion with my feet all at the same time. This night on the Gold Coast was super hot and sweaty. But having just the two of us was quite a fun dynamic because there’s only each other to bounce off, and Lani is very vibrant so I enjoy bouncing off that energy. I have a lot to think about in this set up because I do the drum beat with my feet, loop beat box, play recorder at the same time as playing the guitar and singing. So sometimes I feel a little bit inhibited. However I just go for it, stomp my feet, hope it’s in time and smash that guitar out.

Peregian Originals.

Peregian Originals is a music festival on the beach and it was the second location on QLD’s Sunshine Coast. This was one of the last gigs of our tour. It was at the end of a very busy few weeks. We were both very tired and were running on minimal sleep. Lani was getting sick and starting to lose her voice. I was probably also quite run down. We had a little last minute run through with the drummer from Janice Smither’s band. I think we’d done a radio interview that day to promote that gig. Our show started off as a duo and then built up into a band. I had a really crappy amp sound that day so I was finding it hard to get a sound that got me going. When we got to the “Individual” solo I just did my best. And, again, just went for it and had a really fun time. It had great dynamic. We were right next to the beach and so free and we could do what ever we wanted… Such a great memory.

Mitchell Creek Rock n Blues Festival.

Mitchell Creek was the highlight gig of our tour. A festival is always so exciting. We played on a big stage to a large amount of people who were right up front and close. Some of them even knew our songs from the year before when we’d played there. So we had some returning fans and friends. There’s nothing like playing at night time at a festival. Everyone is there for a good time and to let go. I remember jumping up on the speaker and playing my heart out. Shame I didn’t have a wireless but fortunately the guitar did not unplug, except I lost my guitar strap. I remember unleashing and letting go of everything in that moment – any pains, any difficulties, any cares. It might not have been a perfect solo but again it was simply about letting go. That morning we’d just driven up from doing our radio interview on 4zzz in Brisbane and made it just in time to do that gig.

Check it out.


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